Important Considerations When Opting for a Charter Bus Hire

Posted on: 29 August 2016

A charter bus hire typically means a bus with a driver; this can be for a youth group, a sightseeing tour, or just a holiday with the family when a minivan or other such vehicle won't do. Having a driver means being able to relax and enjoy the trip or be mindful of the children, and not have to worry about directions or trying to drive a vehicle that's oversized for you. When opting for a charter bus hire, note a few important considerations to keep in mind so you know you get one that will work for you.

Ask about the inside of the bus

One good thing to do before chartering a bus is to ask if the bus you see online or in a brochure is the bus you'll get; note the details that might be different, such as leather seating and TVs inside the bus. Don't assume that each bus is the same; check on features and options that might not be included with each and every bus available for charter.

Ask about the experience of the driver

Typically the basic requirement for a driver of a charter bus is a commercial driver's license and nothing more, so don't assume that you're getting an actual sightseeing guide for your trip or someone who can assist with wheelchairs, medical needs and the like. If you're hiring or chartering a bus for a tour of a vacation destination or city, you don't want to assume the bus driver will know anything about certain spots and monuments other than how to find them! If you want an actual tour guide, ask for a driver who is very familiar with such spots and who can give you more information about them.

Note how long one driver is allowed to drive

Typically a bus driver is not allowed to be behind the wheel for more than 8, 10, or 12 hours, depending on your local area. You might call your local department of motor vehicles and note what is the legal limit for your area, and then check with the charter bus hire company for how they will accommodate. Will you need to shorten your sightseeing trip so the bus can return to the depot within that time, or will you need to have a second driver meet your bus at some point and make a switch? Whatever the requirements, check so you can adjust your plans accordingly and ensure that you never have a fatigued driver behind the wheel.


How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Break

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