Landlording It: Qualities of a Great Pub Owner

Posted on: 28 April 2017

If you've ever been a regular at a pub or a bar, then you'll know exactly how important the owner of a pub can be.  A good owner can make the difference between a pleasant drinking experience and a poor one - no matter how luxurious or shabby the place itself may be, and no matter the prices on the menu.  Of course, those things are important too, but nothing makes or breaks customer loyalty quite like the person who holds the keys.  This is well worth bearing in mind if you're thinking about purchasing a pub.  It can be an extremely rewarding lifestyle, but it's also quite a commitment.  So exactly what qualities are necessary to be a good pub landlord?


On any given night, you may need to utilise this trait to run an event at your pub, to throw out an aggressive patron, or to approach and engage some new customers and convert them into loyal regulars.  Nothing sells the business like you do - and as the face of the place, you'll need to project an image of competence and happiness with what you're doing.  Seeing your confidence in yourself and your business will give people confidence in you, too - and it can be very charming.  However, if this confidence tips over into aggression or arrogance, it will certainly have the opposite effect.


Although there is a heavy social element to this job, a good publican has an eye on the books at all times.  You'll make friends with pub regulars and one-time visitors alike, and you may be tempted to offer more free drinks than is realistically sensible.  A good landlord knows when to be generous, and when to draw the line - and how to politely but firmly communicate that line to friends, guests and customers.


As many people now opt to drink at home instead of at pubs, it's vital that you are willing and able to come up with new and interesting ways to bring customers through the door.  Whether you make clever use of social media or schedule regular karaoke nights, you should be able to adapt your strategy to the environment you're working in, and keep the entire place feeling fresh and flexible.


Pubs need to be open on the days when nobody wants to be working - and that can mean sacrificing said time yourself.  Of course, you can hire employees to keep the place running, but you'll find the best results come from actually being in the pub yourself.

It's this latter point which is perhaps the most important - so don't buy into a pub and the landlord lifestyle lightly.  In doing so, you're making a real commitment to change the way you live your life.  To do otherwise would be making a poor investment.  Luckily, the hard work will likely be worth it - it's an extremely satisfying job, and few people can boast of a more friendly and fun work environment than a pub.


How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Break

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